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Cross Pencil Erasers

The Cross Erasers for cassette pencils are exceptional for individuals who yearn to keep their on the mark, our Cross Erasers are made of durable materials that will never fade or plus, our products are available in 20 different colors to match any pencil.

Cross Pencil Erasers Walmart

The Cross pencil Erasers are first-class alternative to get your writing right again, with 0. 5 mm, 0, 7 mm, and 0. 9 mm cartridge erasers, you can be right about where you're going with your words, this switch-it substitute makes it straightforward to eraser in any direction you want. This is a vintage Cross pencil eraser with chrome-like surface and eraser-like interior, the eraser is equipped with a number of devices which include a series of Cross pens, a series of erasers, and a Cross eraser. The Cross pencil Erasers come in various colors and styles, but the most common is the black-colored one, this item is a set of pencil erasers. They are old world features and look excellent when new, they come in an urban fashion, with a beige pencil lead and black eraser heads. This Cross pencil eraser refill 0, 5 mm 8406 pack of 5 is a sterling surrogate to keep your pencils in condition! These Erasers are. 5 mm small and last for 0, 5 million pages of writing. If you need a few Erasers for a short amount of time, this is the pack for you.