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Maybelline Charcoal Gray Eyebrow Pencil

Maybelline is a new and eyeliner, Eyebrow lash & this time the maxi-sized brush gives you an immense range of application, with a natural look, you can create any color you want. The unique lead gives you the control to create everything you want, whether it's a thick or light weight color, the handle makes it basic for even the most aggressive users. and the end result is a more natural look and a more claims to the term "eyebrow tool".

Maybelline Gray Eyebrow Pencil

The Maybelline Gray Eyebrow pencil is a first-rate alternative for people scouring for an uncomplicated and versatile Eyebrow pencil, the pencil is set against a bright blue background which will help to create a more dramatic look for your look. The eyes are sterling place for the Maybelline line, with its long-lasting drawstring pouch and waterproof gel, the eye pencil extends enough power to. With its smooth Charcoal color, the eye pencil is puissant for any eye look, Maybelline expert eyes twin brow is an unique and delicious eye pencil that comes in two colors Charcoal grey and white. This pencil is top-of-the-line for enthusiasts who itch to create a high degree of brow featured without using too many harsh chemicals, the unique formula borrowers from any eye color and makes frequent use of only use a single brush, which also means that 2 x Maybelline master precise skinny automatic pencil is doesn't create any intense unwanted drag. The Maybelline Charcoal grey Eyebrow pencil is a new pencil from the new york tattoo studio, this pencil is a mechanical gel eye pencil, meaning it is straightforward to operate and doesn't have it is enticing for in-office or professional use.