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Nyx Micro Contour Duo Pencil

The Nyx micro-contour Duo pencil is terrific for creating even the most contoured looks, this pencil is richly pandanus-based and features a delicate micro-contour style. It writes quickly, provides a thinness and absence of smudging that makes it exceptional for delicate skin, and can be recommended for all contouring needs.

Nyx Micro Contour Duo Pencil Amazon

The Duo pencil is an unrivaled alternative for folks who crave to create contouring or highlights with Contour pencils, the pencil presents trope and is produced from single-ply technology that makes it straightforward to hold and use. The Nyx Micro Contour Duo pencil crayon double medium is an unrivaled way for individuals who are searching for a pencil that provides good coverage and is facile to hold, the pencil is in the pencil bowl with a Contour feature that makes it possible to create a feature. The pencil is in like manner for smaller spaces, the pencil is manufactured of lead and crayon and presents a very small specks of dust. It gives a very small flake number: 02, the pencil is low-cost, but it provides unequaled performance with a good range of accuracy. The Nyx Micro Contour Duo pencil is a top-of-the-heap surrogate for lovers who are searching for a high-quality pencil that offers a Contour effect, the pencil is manufactured with a micro-pointed tip and is top-grade for medium-deep contours.