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Nyx Professional Makeup Eyebrow Powder Pencil Taupe

This Nyx dip-shaped Makeup Powder pencil offers a variety of dip and through its short, medium and long strokes, can create all sorts of unique and various results, its Taupe shade is puissant for eyebrows and is 100% non-toxic. The Nyx pencil can be ordains itself with a Taupe shade on the back of your choosing, it comes with a case and a manual.

Top 10 Nyx Professional Makeup Eyebrow Powder Pencil Taupe

The Nyx Powder pencil is a good substitute for lovers who crave a brighten up your brows, the pencil is fabricated with a soft and uncomplicated to adopt hand, which makes it straightforward to write on the brows. The pigment as well very light, making it effortless to apply, the Powder pencil also comes with a travel-sized bowl, which is puissant for on-the-go use. This Professional Makeup pencil offers an unique take on officials eyebrows, it is a good substitute for folks hunting for a simple and clean look. The Taupe color is excellent for any skin tone and makes for a natural look, get ready to style your hair in a new substitute with our Nyx Professional Makeup pencil. This dip-shaped Powder is designed to help you with all your brow needs, from small points up the hair on your head to full-blown brow bars, the Taupe surrogate offers a natural look with a warmth that attention to detail, while the Taupe with undertones offers a more elevated look with a bit more life and a bit more impact. The Nyx Professional Makeup dip shape go longwear brow pomade is a first rate surrogate to achieve different hunting eyebrows with consistent results, the dip feels comfortable and does not create any issues. The lead content is Taupe for a sleek look, and the Powder is facile to adopt and store.