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Nyx Rust Jumbo Pencil

Looking for a delicious and straightforward to make eyeshadow set? Don't search more than Nyx Jumbo eye pencil eyeshadow, this set grants everything you need to create beautiful eyeshadows in a single set! Plus, it's effortless to operate and splendid for any apply style.

Nyx Rust Jumbo Pencil Ebay

The Nyx Jumbo eyeshadow eye pencil is a Jumbo size that is excellent for writing or drawing, it extends a wide dip in the middle, making it excellent for creating a sense of exaggeration in your drawings or the pencil is furthermore Jumbo for just $0. 50 per product! Rust Jumbo pencil is a Jumbo eyeliner with a luxurious, textured surface that provides a first-class amount of definition and life, the all-natural color range provides a practical balance of fern and natural soil, and the Jumbo size is fantastic for any application. Choose your color to see how this Jumbo pencil looks with a specific one, the Nyx Rust Jumbo pencil is a vibrant red, with a small black eruption on the front of the pencil. This pencil is brand new and extends never been used, the Nyx Rust Jumbo pencil is a Jumbo sized pencil that is fabricated with a high-quality materials. It is fabricated of plastic and metal which gives the pencil a strong look and feel, the Nyx Rust Jumbo pencil is available in six colors and extends achy feeling because of its Jumbo size. However, it effortless to hold and is splendid for drawing attention to sharp and thin lines.