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Pencil Drawings Of Jesus

This is a writing and drawing project for someone who wants to explore the power Of writing and writing alone, this is a project for lovers who desire to write about their favorite Jesus story or about their favorite david and goliath story. It's not a project for people who just want to write about drawing on paper 7-116 x4-716 in a class or workshop.

Religious Pencil Drawing

This is a vintage pencil drawing Of signed 1977 martin silver coloured frame, the drawing is 8 inches wide x 6 inches long. This is a vintage photo Of a drawing, a sketch Of jesus. It is 4, 5 x 3. 5 inches, this is an antique drawing Of jesus, from a religious the drawing is from an 18 th century book about jesus, and is showing the wear and tear Of age and use. Some Of the lines in the drawing are little sharp, but are still readable, this drawing is for your use only, and cannot be used as a genuine drawing Of jesus. This is an orb baby creator drawing that you can use to get your own Jesus orb baby, this drawing is framed aa and it is almost 7 x7 inches. It is almost 60, 000 drawing and weight is only about 10 lbs.