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Pencil Torch

This pencil Torch grants full metal brass and black anodized aluminum that is in turn alloyed with titanium, it is capable of withing 2. 2 ounces with the use of an 30-day warranty, the pencil Torch presents a blue flame that is top-rated for welding, welding, head wrenches, and other needs that require a reliable Torch for the job.

Pencil Torch Tip

The trigger start gas welding propane Torch head is a best-in-class tool for brazing soldering, with its built in trigger start, this tip will help you to start your welding projects with confidence. The included gas weld electrode will help to create strong welds without the use of any heat, this 4-pack of refillable pencil torches is designed to keep you soldering in the know. Each Torch can be used for a variety of purpose, from refilling pack of torches you just need when travelling, to repair instruments and jewelry when you get home, this is a pencil flame Torch that is refillable and extends a weldable design. It uses butane as its main fuel, which makes it valuable for use in refilling soldering ceremonies, the Torch also features a durable design and an easy-to-use interface. The Torch pencil soldering iron is a top-grade alternative for people hunting for a pen-like tool, it extends a refillable butane pencils case and can be used to solder, hot glue, and finally, it imparts a metal body that makes it basic to adopt for jewelry repair.