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Prismacolor Pencils 72

Prismacolor pencils are peerless way for any artist, these pencils are soft and have 72 different colors to choose from. They also come in a soft core artist paint tin case.

Soft Core

These soft core keywords are for pens that were created with Prismacolor premier colored pencils, these pencils are 72-count product so there will be a total of six pieces. Each piece is a different color with a difference being the straw green, purple, and black, these Prismacolor premier colored pencils are soft core 72 pack and will last you for many years. They are color correct and have a budget-friendly solution for use them, they're an unrivaled way for students and businesses that need to improve their writing skills. This is a set of 72 Prismacolor pencils with box, they are in black, red, yellow, blue, indigo, and violet colors. The pencils are high-quality, innovative construction with a flexible band that can be used to pluck herbs or leaves from a plants stem, the set also includes a sharpener and a variety of warranty and technical support materials. This set of 72 colors Prismacolor premier soft core colored pencils is an unequaled surrogate to get your writing game on, each pencil extends a different color and it is outstanding for learning your colors and syntax.