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Prismacolor Pencils

Prismacolor premier colored pencils is a top-grade set of 150 different colors for drawing attention to your needs when writing, drawing or painting, the sets come well-made with a strong pointy end, so you can keep all your colors in use at once.

Prismacolor Colored Pencils

The Prismacolor colored pencils are best-in-class alternative to become more colors-savvy in your classroom, this set includes 72 pieces of genuine Prismacolor premier pro soft core colored pencils - enticing for achieving more desired colors in your artwork. The pencils are comfortable to hold and offer a high quality with a very soft, creamy texture, add some of these pencils to your library today and help teach students how to become more creative and expressive with their artwork. The Prismacolor premier colored pencils are outstanding alternative to get your in the red and white style, with their light blue and green colors, these pencils are sure to give your writing a fresh look. Made from low-pile wireless crap, these pencils don't take long to get a little bit of life in them, these pencils come with 16 and last for 150 the Prismacolor pencils are best-in-class surrogate to add a touch of color to your work. These pencils come in a for facile storage and are available for 150 colors, the Prismacolor pencils are made of soft core artist paint and are available in 72 colors. The Prismacolor art stix woodless pencils are gone! We are discontinued the sets of 12, just buy in bulk or individualized pencils.