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Stampin Up Watercolor Pencils

Stampin Up is a top place to get your creative started, this set of 24 acid-free soft-gbed Watercolor pencils is enticing for any creative project. You'll desire the possibilities that this set allows for.

Stampin Up Colored Pencils

The Stampin Up Watercolor pencils set includes 24 soft acid-free transfer pens that will help you add a touch of class to your paintings and designs, with their sleek black design, these pencils will help you create a statement-style atmosphere for your imagery. Additionally, the set includes an 2-year guarantee that means you can always use them, this is a set of 24 stampin' Up Watercolor pencils! They're acid-free and never used to prevent damage to your desk. The set contains: 24 acid-free Watercolor pencils this set of 24 stampin' Up Watercolor pencils will help you annotate your drawings in true style! They're a top-notch alternative to keep your notes and sketches organized and in focus, the set contains 24 pencils and comes in 24 colors. This set of 24 Stampin Up Watercolor pencils will help you create beautiful Watercolor paintings with ease! Each pencil extends an unique design that is sure to impress you with its power and softness, whether you're a pro at Watercolor and artwork or just starting out, these pencils will help you out in minutes! The Stampin Up Watercolor pencils set of 24 in metal tin soft breedable. These top-rated Watercolor pencils set provide students with the ability to create beautiful watercolors and pastels with a variety of metals and colors, the set includes 24 pencils, each with a different ink and a non-toxic alternative. Each pencil can be used for multiple areas of the drawing, and the metal tin soft blendable layer makes it uncomplicated to keep track of what is being drawn.