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Styptic Pencil

Looking for a substitute to stop bleeding after a cut or knot? Try our Styptic pencil, or cut stick, our products are straightforward to operate and can help you get the cleaning work done you need.

Buy Styptic Pencil

The new jumbo version of the Styptic pencil grants everything you need to get your work done right, this Styptic pencil presents a new jumbo form factor which makes it more comfortable to hold and the new 28 g versions make it up to 28 this Styptic pencil is further jumbo in size and extends a jumbo lead. This Styptic pencil stops the bleeding fast, with one stick, you can use it to write with because the non-stinging feature keeps the pencil from making any noise. It also stops the bleeding quickly, so you can get on with your work, the Styptic pencil is an unique tool that can help you to write quickly and effectively. The Styptic pencil is produced of durable plastic and imparts a red and green color scheme to it, it effortless to hold and is top-grade for drawing attention to your notes. Our Styptic pencil is a tiny, (but enough for everyday), 33 oz. Thatyou'll need it to mark up you with, or to fill in your channels of water, our pencil does the work well, and is removable for basic removal.