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Troll Pencil Toppers

These pink and dark pink mohair Troll pencil Toppers are top-of-the-heap for any little girl or boy who loves to write in pencil, the dolls are uncomplicated to care for and have a new surface to start writing on.

Pencil Troll

This is a pencil Troll keychain from acme 1991, it is produced of pvc and comes with a pink hair pencil topper. It is a fantastic addition to all pencil lover's arsenal, this is a yellow hair pvc pencil topper that presents a keychain size. It is a modern day pencil topper with a Troll hair style, it is produced out of plastic and imparts a modern day design. This is a keychain that will make you look like a genius! It's got a pencil case and it's green in color, it's splendid for when you need to keep your work in check. This orange hair pvc pencil topper is excellent for holding onto your pencils! It features a vintage acme 1991 personality jump drive, and is manufactured of featured vinyl.