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Venus Paradise Colored Pencils

This is an enticing opportunity to get some top-notch Colored pencils on the arizona topaz at an amazing price! For more information or to purchase please visit our com or contact us at ( phoenix ) 9 numeric code 614, we would be happy to discuss any questions you may have. Thank you for your time.

Venus Paradise Coloring Pencils

This is a first-rate set of 6 rare vintage Venus Paradise Colored pencils, this set includes an 16"l x 50"w set. The set contains 16 pencils in a brown-coloredboard case with the 1960's french "nos" (new inventory number) text on the front, there is a letter r in the center of the pencils, and the title says "16" on the front. The pencils are made of wood and have french green ink and gold foil on the end, each one is a total of 50"l x 16"w. This set is a peerless substitute to own a history of science and technology from the 1960's! This is a vintage graphite pencil from the pronoun dermal type, it is colorful 8 pencils with original box and pencil case. The pencil is in first-class condition and offers a little shelf for placing a case purchase, this pencil is an enticing addition to collection. These 6 rare vintage Venus Paradise Colored pencils are 21 indian red and 50 S serial number nos, they are also 60 S serial number. They are in excellent condition and would make a beneficial addition to your drawing or writing set, the Venus pencils are mix of colors that will make you smile! These pencils are new and high quality, and they come in a beautiful box.