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Boston Pencil Sharpener Parts

Looking for an alternative to keep your pencils scouring good? Inquire into our Boston electric pencil sharpener! This tool will help keep your batteries full and your plants scouring good.

Boston Pencil Sharpener Model 18

The Boston pencil Sharpener is a top-notch substitute to your pens and other writing tools, this pen Sharpener is prime for a small home office or office. The Sharpener is conjointly versatile for use with pens and other writing tools, the pen Sharpener also features a battery life of up to 12 hours which is the pen Sharpener is an outstanding alternative to keep your tools scouring good and sharp. This serviceable vintage Boston electric pencil Sharpener is now a shadings tray for pencils, the part number is 296 an and it's presumably from the early 1800 it's bit into so there're some light use nicks and dings, but it's still in top grade condition. The Sharpener doesn't to have been used much in the past and there're a few small build-up effects on the blade, but it's still in very good condition, this is a first-rate addition to pencil Sharpener collection. This is a first-rate way for lovers who crave to lose weight or who covet to improve their writing skills, the Sharpener is fabricated of nylon and provides a quick-drying surrogate so that your pencils will be more sharp long-term. Additionally, it offers a metal bit for a better feel and is portable so that you can take it with you, this is a vintage Boston electric pencil Sharpener model 19. It is only Parts only, it is not a sharpener. This pen Sharpener is an enticing addition to your vintage lettering and engineering collection.