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Boston Pencil Sharpener

This vintage-inspired desk tool should be on your list of to-me items with the condition that in the market for a new one, the brush is produced of metal and it's very sharp, making it first-rate for sharpening pens, pencils, and other personal items.


Camden, N.J. Hunt Pen Co.

By Unbranded


Sharpener Suction Cup Base
Sharpener -  Lifetime Warranty

Model 18 / 19 Gear

By Boston


Sharpener Chrome
Sharpener 6 Hole Adjustable Point Selector

VTG Boston Ranger 55 Pencil

By Unbranded


Boston Pencil Sharpener Model L

This is a new, nos-original carrier for your Boston pencil sharpener, it's made of heavy-gauge paper and is first-rate for on-the-go starts and ends. The speed cutters are top-notch for working on smaller pages or cards, the heavy paper and speed cutters make this is an exceptional tool for on-the-go and starts and ends. This is a top deal on a vintage Boston pencil sharpener! It is a wall mount pen Sharpener that helps you to get the most out of your sharpening techniques, the manual says it extends been used by teachers in school, and it is in unrivaled condition. It is the Boston 1031 nickel plated pencil Sharpener peerless for sharpening your 1031 pencils, this Sharpener is fabricated of 1031 stainless steel and presents a durable design. The Sharpener is rg-1 certified and offers an indicator, it effortless to operate and is best-in-the-class for folks who are digging for an outstanding sharpening of their 1031 pencils. This Sharpener is from the early 1800 s and is manufactured of metal and plastic, it is 8 hole so you can sharpen any pencil you want. This Sharpener is a top-notch tool for lovers who yearn to keep their pens scouring good.