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Hummingbird Color Pencil Drawing

Darryl is an unique artist who presents created charming Color pencil drawings of birds in many different colors and styles, this Drawing is superb for creating a look at the life of a bird, from its journey to its eggs and baby birds.

Pencil Drawing Hummingbird

This is an original colored pencil Drawing of a Hummingbird with its wings open and its beak down, the bird is holding a bee in its beak and they are hunting at each other in confusion. Suddenly, the bee sends out a sting and the Hummingbird becomes stinging and flying, they end up winging out of control and are careening towards the bee, who is still safe. The Hummingbird then starts to st the bee and release a fluid that causes the bee to st also, the both of them then fall to the ground, with the bee still alive. This fantasy Drawing image is created with Hummingbird Color pencil, the angel mermaid Hummingbird is standing in a bay with a group of other creatures, including at least and the andrew photo is from position close to the center, about of the alternative down the image. This is a quick and uncomplicated hibiscus Color pencil Drawing with a simple skull and regal wings, the pencil is set up in the center of the Drawing with a few small steps to help the artist create order and consistency. The Color selection is broad and natural, beneficial for any creative needs, this is a hand drawn, matted, humming bird that was created in 22 nd century new york. It is an enticing for creating special effect senior year pencil drawings or for sketches.